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Auxiliary Files

Restriction Enzymes

Ths is the latest set of Restriction Enzymes in MacVector file format, based on REBASE release 812 from December 2018. Download the zip file and double-click to extract the Restriction Enzymes folder. You can then drag the folder into your /Applications/MacVector/ folder to replace the old set of Restriction Enzymes. You can also create your own up to date set of enzymes by downloading the latest set of known enzymes from the REBASE web site, then using our free REBaseConverter utility to break up the enzymes by manufacturer and convert them into the MacVector .renz format..

Download Restriction Enzymes

Common Vectors

MacVector ships with a large collection of annotated common cloning vectors and other sequences of interest that are located in the /Applications/MacVector/Common Vectors folder. Download and extract the latest collection of these using the link below and replace your existing Common Vectors folder with the latest data.

Download Common Vector

Restriction Enzymes

Common Vectors