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MacVector Assembler

MacVector Assembler is an add-on module for MacVector that lets you assemble sequences using the phred/phrap/cross_match algorithms from the University of Washington, or the Velvet or SPAdes or Flye algorithms for next generation sequencing data. You can also generate genomic reference alignments with NGS data aligned using Bowtie which can also be used to examine expression analysis using RNAS-Seq data. MacVector Assembler integrates tightly into MacVector so that they appear as a single application. This means that when you create assembled contigs, you can immediately analyze the sequences using any of MacVector's DNA analysis or manipulation functions. Click here to learn more about MacVector Assembler vs. the old AssemblyLIGN


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Creating a Sequencing Project

Base Calling Using phred

Vector Trimming with cross_match

Assembling Sequences using phrap

Editing and Analysis of Contigs

NGS Reference Assembly using Bowtie

NGS de novo Assembly using Velvet

Comparing Assembler and AssemblyLIgn

SplitFastqFile - a ultility to break up large fastq files.

Functional comparison with Sequencher