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MacVector is a sequence analysis application for Macintosh computers that lets you manipulate, document and analyze DNA and protein sequences. You can use MacVector to create great looking plasmid maps, construct vectors and clones with a few simple clicks, design primers, align proteins, assemble sequences or even reconstruct phylogenetic relationships. MacVector is simple enough for undergraduate molecular biology students to use, but powerful enough to satisfy the demands of the most experienced principle investigators. MacVector is used by researchers in every major worldwide institution and has been cited in thousands of publications. If you are engaged in molecular biology research and own a Macintosh computer - you need MacVector.

The trial version includes the Assembler module that lets you run de novo assemblies of both traditional Sanger ("ABI") sequences and fastq/fasta formatted Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data using either the phrap, Velvet, SPAdes or Flye assembly algorithms. You can also run NGS reference alignments using the popular Bowtie algorithm.

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System Requirements

MacVector requires a Macintosh computer running macOS 10.13 or later. MacVector 18.6 is a "Universal Binary" meaning that it will run natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon ("M1" or "M2") Macintosh computers.

After 21 days has passed, you can still run MacVector, but with reduced functionality. Learn more about MacVector Free .

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Terms of the Installation and Uninstallation Instructions

You can read the End User Licensing Agreement here After the trial has expired if you decide not to proceed with purchasing a license then you may uninstall the software by dragging the /Applications/MacVector/ folder to your trash.


Choose File | New |Agarose Gel to create an empty gel, then drag and drop RE sites to populate it.


The Analyze | Quicktest Primer interface lets you interactively design primers and identify mismatches to create new RE sites.