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MacVector 12 For Existing Customers

MacVector 12 is now available for download by qualified customers. To run MacVector 12, you must have a maintenance contract with MacVector Inc that was active on December 1st 2010, or have purchased an upgrade since that time. To see if you will be able to run MacVector 12 using your existing MacVector license, start MacVector, then choose "About MacVector" from the "MacVector" menu. You will see your license information displayed in the splash screen;


If your "Maintenance Ends:" date reads December 1, 2010 or later, you will be able to run MacVector 12. If not, you can register to download the trial version, then contact your local MacVector account manager (sales@macvector.com) to learn about upgrade options.

All customers who are eligible to run MacVector 12 should use this link to download the MacVector 12 updater.

MacVector News

MacVector 13.5.5 Updater

There is a bug-fix release of MacVector 13.5.x available for download here.

MacVector 13.5 Avaliable!

There's a brand new release of MacVector available with enhancements to better support NGS data, aligning to circular sequences, speedy dot-plots and much, much more. You can read about the new functionality here and determine your eligibility for a free update here. The full installer is available to download on this page.

MacVector 13.0.7 Released!

Sorry about the quick update, but we finally tracked down the source of a critical issue for our European customers. We added a few US fixes too! This is a bug-fix update that should be installed by all users of MacVector 13. The bugs fixed are listed in the Release Notes and download the installer here.You can read about the new features in MacVector 13. To see if you are eligible to run MacVector 13, please view this page.

MacVector and Yosemite

We've done some basic testing with the soon to be released Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and have found no significant problems with MacVector 13.0.6.

MacVector 12.7.5 Updater

We've accumulated a number of user-reported bugs over the past few months. All have been fixed in 12.7.5. You can download the updated version here!

MacVector 12.7 Released

Click here to see what is in the new version. Customers with a current maintenance contract can download the 12.7 installer from this link. How do I know if I am eligible for the free upgrade?

MacVector Promotions

Check out our promotions page to see the latest deals on MacVector software

Check out our new Getting Started Guide

There's a useful Getting Started Guide to help new users get going with MacVector.

MacVector Blog

We have a blog with contributions from a selection of MacVector, Inc staff discussing a variety of subjects from OS X through bioinformatics, to the challenges of running a small multi-national company.