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MacVector Price List

The prices below are for non-profit academic and government institutions only. Please contact your local sales office for a quote for a commercial organization, for volume discounts greater than shown in the table below or for sales outside the US.

For a discussion of the different types of licenses available, follow this link.

For sales questions, official quotes, or to place an order please contact us at;

Phone: +1 (919) 303-7450 Fax: +1 (919) 303-7449

Email: sales@macvector.com








Standard License*






Personal License

$ 950





Cloning Edition

$ 475

$ 798




Concurrent Usage "Network" License






Roaming License add-on**






Standard License (Upgrade Tier 1)

$ 600





Concurrent Usage "Network" License (Upgrade Tier 1)






Standard License (Upgrade Tier 2)






Concurrent Usage "Network" License (Upgrade Tier 2)






Assembler*** Standard License

$ 500

$ 841




Assembler Concurrent Usage "Network" License






Tier 1 upgrades are applicable to anyone who purchased MacVector within the past five years.

* You can install a Standard License on as many machines as you like, but only one copy with that serial number can be running on a local network at one time. Click here for more details.

** A Roaming license is added on to an existing Network license. The cost is inversely proportional to the number of Network licenses you already have (i.e. it gets cheaper the more users you have) and is complimentary for networks that have 15 or more concurrent users.

*** Assembler is an add-on module that requires MacVector. You must purchase a license to MacVector or already have a valid MacVector license before you can purchase Assembler.

Student Licenses

Discounted Student Licenses are available for registered full-time students at accredited institutions. The cost is $99 per year for MacVector or $124 per year for MacVector with Assembler. More information on student licenses can be found here.

Post-Doc Licenses

Discounted Post-Doc Licenses are available for post-doctoral fellows at accredited institutions. The cost is $250 per year for MacVector or $300 per year for MacVector with Assembler. More information on post-doc licenses can be found here.


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Purchasing MacVector

What Type of License?

MacVector has several different licensing options. Click here to see which one is right for you.

Personal License

This is a new type of cost-effective MacVector license aimed at individuals and small labs. More details can be found here.

What is Maintenance?

You can pay a cost effective yearly fee to ensure you are always entitled to the latest version of MacVector and get priority technical support. More details here.

Order Form

Download an Order Form to buy MacVector using a Purchase Order or Credit Card.

New Lab Discount

If you have started a new lab and are purchasing MacVector with startup funds, you may be eligible to purchase MacVector at a significant discount. Email sales@macvector.com for more details.

Student/Post-Doc Licenses

Highly discounted yearly licenses are available for full-time students at accredited institutions.

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